Eastern State Rotation Class Photo, 1954

In the mid-1950’s, nursing students in every Knoxville program had to serve a rotation at the Eastern State Psychiatric Hospital (later Lakeshore Mental Health Institute; now closed).

This photo was taken in 1954. Click on the photo for a larger image.


Thanks to Mary “Polly” Robinson Whittle (KGH, 1954), for sharing this photograph.

The names listed below were included as a caption to the original.

First Row Second Row
Ethel Kilgore, St. Mary’sBonnie Wright, KGH

Faye Anderson, Baptist

Betty Kirby, KGH

Pat Groat, St. Mary’s

Hazel Potts, BaptistUna Faye Connatser, KGH

Becky Leach, Baptist

Mary Lynn Mays, St. Mary’s

Peggy Tolson, St. Mary’s

Bobbie Joe Shuler, Baptist

Mildred Garrett, KGH

Third Row Fourth Row
Jewel Bevington, BaptistPatsy Blakemore, Ft. Sanders

Helen Matlock, Ft. Sanders

Carolyn Atkins, Ft. Sanders

Beulah Allen, Ft. Sanders

Virginia Ellenberg, Ft. Sanders

Norma Williams, Ft. Sanders

Jean Grayson, Ft. Sanders

Peggy Boling?, Ft. Sanders

Juanita Gredich?, Baptist

Mary McKelvey Farmer, KGHDrew Robbins Reagan, Baptist

Helen Raye Rigsby, St. Mary’s

Mary L. Robinson, KGH

Becky Rich, Baptist

Joann Bryant?, Baptist

Bonzella Burgess, KGH

Faye Tinnel, KGH




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