Eastern State Psychiatric Rotation, 1955

In the mid-1950’s, nursing students in every Knoxville program had to serve a rotation at the Eastern State Psychiatric Hospital (later Lakeshore Mental Health Institute; now closed).

This photo was taken in 1955.  Click on the photo for a larger image.

1955 Eastern State Rotation

The names listed below were written on the back.

First Row Second Row Third Row
Ellen Roberts, St. Mary’s

Chris Dean, KGH

Eloise Barnard, KGH

Jo Ann Combs, KGH

Wanda Croxdale, Baptist

Joan Wells, Baptist

Betty Solomon, St. Mary’s

Anieta Haynes, Baptist

Marjorie Heatherly, Baptist

Betty Tabor, KGH

Janet Cassidy, Baptist

Loretta Bales, KGH

Louise Hoakum, Ft. Sanders

Georgia Cox, Ft. Sanders

Gwen Jenkins, Ft. Sanders

Frankie Rosenbaum, Ft. Sanders

Ramona Petit, Ft. Sanders

Winnie Roberts, Ft. Sanders

Betty Williams, Ft. Sanders

Phyllis Morris, Ft. Sanders

Suzanne Gass, Ft. Sanders

_______ Guice, Baptist

Faye Aiken, Baptist

Joan Jessiman, KGH

Thelma Fritts, KGH

Nadine Arnold, KGH

Jean Reeves, St. Mary’s

Rosie Owens, St. Mary’s

Estelle LeBlanc, St. Mary’s

Marty McCall, KGH

Betty Fisher, KGH

Betty Smith, St. Mary’s

Bonnie Culberson, Baptist

Marka Sue Johnson, Baptist

Trula Culberson, Baptist

Thanks to Lisa Bates Berry, daughter of Jo Ann Combs Bates (KGH, 1955), for sharing this photograph.

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