LMU Nurses in Training, 1914

The following list of nurses in training was taken from a published description of the Lincoln Memorial Hospital Training School for Nurses, dated 1914.

Miss Mattie SmithTennessee
Miss Martha E. MaukTennessee
Miss Mary Blanche HicksTennessee
Miss Annie DanielsTennessee
Miss Bess St. JohnTennessee
Miss Jessie M. SmithTennessee
Miss Effie WhiteKentucky
Miss Viola BruceTennessee
Miss Hazel Nell PattonNorth Carolina
Miss Flora Elizabeth SextonNorth Carolina
Miss Lucy HolcombeTennessee
Miss Cleta SmithVirginia
Miss Annie ColganTennessee
Miss Annie WashburnTennessee
Miss Annie FinleyTennessee
Miss Elizabeth HarringtonCanada
Miss Bess HardinTennessee
Miss Irene ParhamTennessee
Miss May LeachWest Virginia
Miss Euna PerrinTennessee
Miss Ada May FarrisVirginia
Miss Sadie May SteinmetzPennsylvania
Miss Mabel ConningTennessee
Miss Pauline HurtVirginia
Miss Charlotte WilliamsTennessee
Mrs. Mattie Jean HallTennessee
Miss Irene A. GormonTennessee
Miss Neta May CampbellTennessee

Source: http://dla.acaweb.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/Lincoln/id/3293/rec/8 (page 63)

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