Knoxville Turn Verein Donation to Hospital Fund in 1896

Fifty Dollars Donated Knoxville Turn Verein Swells the Hospital Fund The Knoxville Turnverein [sic] held its semi-annual election of officers yesterday afternoon at Turner's park.  The following gentlemen were installed in places of trust: President -- C. Aebli Vice-President -- Matt Senn Treasurer -- Chas. Schweickerd Financial Secretary -- Eli Leiber Recording Secretary -- A. Totdenhausen [sic] Trustees -- Chas. Schmid, M. L. Patterson and H. O. Nelson Reports of retiring officers were heard.  All were of a most encouraging nature, especially that of the treasurer. Financially the organization is in a most flourishing condition, so much so in fact, that, with scarce a dissenting voice, the sum of fifty dollars was voted to the hospital fund. Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, September 7, 1896, page 3

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