About Our Site

This site is being developed as a virtual museum/archive and tribute to the amazing women who received their professional training as nurses at the Knoxville General Hospital School of Nursing between the years 1902 and 1956.

We hope you will share your memories or the memories and treasures of women in your life who were among 900 or so graduates of KGH School of Nursing.  Physical artifacts and documents are deposited at the KGH permanent exhibit in the Museum at Mountain Home (VA Medical Center), Johnson City, Tennessee.

With great respect for each of these amazing women, and on their behalf, we welcome you.


This site is administered by (Ms.) Billie R. McNamara.  Please click here to send all comments and questions to her.


We regret we are unable to assist you with research into individuals associated with KGH School of Nursing.  However, we will gratefully receive all information you can provide about students and others for our pages.